if you wanna report a User/Or Admin

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if you wanna report a User/Or Admin

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:10 pm

if you wish to report an admin use the code below and i advise you have video/or photo proof before you post because we will not take fake reports.

For Admin:

Your Steam Name/Ingame Name:
The Admin Abusing:
What Happend (please write what happend in 25 words or less)

Video/or photo proof here (must be 3-4 photos or 1 video):

For Users:

Your Username/Ingame name:
User Name who you wish to report:
What did this person do? (in 25 word or less):

Video/Or Photo Proof here (must be 3-4 photos or 1 video):

as i said please write wisely what you say any serious reports will be taken seriously, please post in admin for admins and users for users on the forum.



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